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Here at RLS Environmental, we're dedicated to the well-being of our customers and the safety of their homes. Our goal is to empower new and experienced homeowners to have control and take action when it comes to home safety. We strive to make every house we service a place to call home.

You can rely on our radon testing contractor because he...

  • Has 10+ years of home inspection and radon mitigation experience
  • Has 25+ years of residential construction experience
  • Has PA DEP radon mitigation and testing licenses
  • Is certified by NACHI and the National Radon Proficiency Program

There's no one more qualified to provide radon testing and radon mitigation services. Call 484-269-9538 today to hire a dedicated radon mitigation company or sign up for our boot camp home maintenance education program

How does radon get into your home?

Radon gas can rise through the soil and into homes through foundation cracks and porous materials like concrete. The only way you can tell if there's radon in your home is to schedule a professional radon test.

If your radon levels are high, the pros at RLS Environmental can install a permanent mitigation system that will capture and redirect radon out of your home. Contact our radon mitigation company today for more information.

Ensure the Safety of Your Home

Team up with our radon mitigation company in Lenhartsville & Hamburg, PA

Are you familiar with the dangers of radon? According to the EPA, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer for people living in the United States. Unfortunately, radon is invisible, odorless and tasteless, so it can creep into your home without you knowing.

Thankfully, if you're concerned about radon levels in your home, you can count on RLS Environmental, LLC for help. We offer radon testing and mitigation services for homeowners in Reading, Lenhartsville & Hamburg, PA and the surrounding area. Consult our radon testing contractor today to schedule a test.